As i sit back on my lawn, letting the grass grow around me, unknowingly gazing at the streetlight ahead which is rather merely glowing, seducing the melancholic darkness; observing people around me, people sedated by monthly salaries;

And I’m swayed to her thoughts again, just like any other moment. An angel i never dreamed of yet dreamt, a girl i never imagined to love;

So how does she turn my heart into a raging beast, pounding and clutching my ribs with every touch?

For i braved to look beyond her skin, scars and bones, to gaze at her soul, which was a bouquet of all beautiful things which humans couldn’t dare to dream of.

She always questioned herself of not being good enough.


She is art,

She is poetry,

She is better.


A forever draped in smoke

“the magic of love often left her breathless..

drunk in love, she wished the wormhole he took her to would take them to the world of ‘us’..yet, his kisses were cosmic rays waiting to burn her out inch by inch..

and now, you are just a half smoked cigarette tossed onto the ground amidst the chaos of life, gasping for breath..”