The night had settled in, the darkness encased the rooftop café, the summer breeze brushed our faces, it was time to go home..

Old red walls, dim yellow lights, wooden railings; the deserted stairway was gasping for a story to be told;

Suddenly everything ceased to exist, only the synchronization of heartbeats, till we found our lips crawling in search of unknown territory;

Your eyes glistened with love as my body pushed yours against the wall, moments overlapped, your odour stifled my senses yet again as my lips brushed against your skin tracing your body like a silhouette, numbness grew around us like creepers as we became oblivious to the knowledge of time..

the dull stairway, was now glowing with an intense hue and as you slipped your fingers between the gaps of mine while we walked down the sidewalk, the orange moon peeping amidst the dry leaves and streetlights, whispered, “You’re home!”

Was it a moment or was it eternity?



As i sit back on my lawn, letting the grass grow around me, unknowingly gazing at the streetlight ahead which is rather merely glowing, seducing the melancholic darkness; observing people around me, people sedated by monthly salaries;

And I’m swayed to her thoughts again, just like any other moment. An angel i never dreamed of yet dreamt, a girl i never imagined to love;

So how does she turn my heart into a raging beast, pounding and clutching my ribs with every touch?

For i braved to look beyond her skin, scars and bones, to gaze at her soul, which was a bouquet of all beautiful things which humans couldn’t dare to dream of.

She always questioned herself of not being good enough.


She is art,

She is poetry,

She is better.



♪ it was all yellow ♪

looking out through the window, i kept aside my headphones.. the haze outside waiting to smother my favourite book lying across the bed..

suddenly the heart-rending clouds swept in an epiphany, memories swayed like waves of the ocean and a realization creeped in that I’m nothing more than a mere constellation of tragically forgotten truths..a collection of dreams that were consigned to oblivion..

so, i put on my headphones again, remembering all the times my mom told me i deserved the best..

“Devour me”, i closed my eyes and screamed while a coldplay song gradually started healing all the brokenness within..



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it’s astonishing, how sometimes memories are mere scattered papers gasping for a hurricane to be blown away beyond the horizon of emotions..

a few years back, I met you through my laptop screen..stared at your picture with a mouthful of forevers..

never met you then, yet the stars which peeped through the window every night before I fell asleep were enveloped with teenage pipe-dreams safeguarding our little wishful infinity…

now, the memories are still alive yet, somewhere lost..like the estranged G-talk icon on my desktop, long forgotten to be logged in..

you may curse our damned generation..but, she was the warmth which kept me alive through the winters of my life..

and maybe, memories are just meant to be consigned to oblivion..



Artwork by Hades and Parsephone

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So, it’s been exactly 53 weeks since i started writing, and completed a month of blogging here too!
It’s an amazing feeling that it has reached out to 60+ countries now!


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